Tall Order

Embarking on the final few months of a degree in Marine and Natural History photography is a daunting thing. My recent works have taken a bit of a new angle, looking at different technical styles of photography whilst trying to intergrate the beauty and trueness of the subjects. Sticking with recent themes of trees, I have been looking at them in their environment, somewhat of a trend over the past few years within the movement of nature, wildlife or environmental photography. To show the subject, whether flora or fauna in its natural habitat breeds importance and a need to know what is both in and out of the picture, this can equally become somewhat important.

So, looking at different technical styles, I have been looking at the tree by night, or low light. This has enabled me to capture so much more detail than in good lighting conditions. It has also meant that I have been able to customise the lighting, to enable me to capture the trees details, almost like fingers of light expanding into the dark night.

So here are some current works…ok so not perfect by any stretch, not looking for any awards here, possibly some constructive criticism, or even pointers. Which brings me to my next subject.. critiquing my own work, something none of us enjoy doing I am sure.


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