Exhibition .. sneak peek!

Hi all, so this is my first post in a long long time, am just getting back into blogging after so much blogging during my trip. So here comes the final, my exhibition, verticaleden in print! Very exciting. So last week put my prints in for order after a week of editing umming and arrring over what stays and what goes. In my view, simplicity is best, especially with these images, with this subject. The subject is so big, how does one display and portray this subject of great proportion in order to gain real perspecitive of the nautral environment, the beauty and my view, my take on what it really meant to be there.

There is no real rhyme nor reason as to why these images were the ones I picked. As a journey piece about socio-cultural siginificane and environmental values it was important to me to portray the human aspects within my images. As a natural history photographer I found this difficult to imagine, but with such an extensive and tall subject I wanted to give the viewer some reason to identify with the images, some perspective.

So I shall post more when the exhibition is hung, as dont want to give to much away..to those of you visiting anyway!!


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